Bread Crumbs

Bread Crumbs (2011)

Short and sweet: An adult film crew is attacked by two mysterious children on a remote shoot in a cabin in the woods.

An adult film crew comes across two mysterious children on their way to a cabin in the woods.  Once there, the children become increasingly more menacing until forcing a confrontation which leads to the young girl being taken hostage by the director of the adult film.  Things only become worse as the crew start getting picked off in a surreal battle against a surprisingly menacing foe, until a grim final confrontation.

This movie muddles about, lost in its own mire.  There’s definitely a desire to make “not just another slasher flick” but that is accomplished largely by creating a film that becomes unintelligible in its attempts to be surreal or supernatural.  The erstwhile Hansel and Gretyl are never really explained – nor is the mysterious “Woodsman”, who ultimately doesn’t play as much of a role as it seemed like he was supposed to.  That is perhaps the best way to summarize this film: none of it really seems to do what it seems like it was meant to.  The story is a mess and the characters are either forgettable or unlikeable, so you don’t care what happens to half of the characters and actively root against the others.

This is a disappointing mess and that is going in not expecting a lot.  There are elements of what could have been an interesting story, but they all seemed to become lost in the woods.


Stars: 1.5/5


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