The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side (2006)

Killed before his time, Sam escapes from Hell to reunite with his girlfriend. But returning to the land of the living was the easy part.

When Sam returns from college, he is murdered before he is able to reunite with the girl he left behind. He escapes from Hell with the help of a group of other dead souls and returns to find that she is missing. He and two of his dead friends seek to unravel what happened to Hanna while the police (who are investigating Sam for her disappearance) and a group of Hell’s bounty hunters are hot on their trails. Sam gradually pieces together what happened to Hanna and him but in the end may not be able to reunite with her before being sent back to Hell. Only a final showdown with the last, most dangerous, of Hell’s hunters and the men who sent him to Hell in the first place will tell.

It’s important to understand that this is a cheaply produced independent film. Sadly, that will keep many people from giving it an honest chance. The story is interesting and there’s no shortage of plot twists. The effects are what they are (cheap), but they’re worked around well and that shortcoming isn’t noticeable for the most part. The acting is a bit shoddy at times and that does hurt the film a bit, but judged for what it is, the story and the storytelling more than make up for it.

In a world where Hollywood routinely spews out multimillionaire dollar flops (often enough, just bad films), this is a film which shows what can be done when the movie comes before the budget. Some directors set their budget, line up their stars, and then try to come up with a story. Director Gregg Bishop had a vision and dedicated himself to bringing it to life on a shoestring budget of, reportedly, $15,000 – he approached storytelling from the other side.


Stars: 4/5


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