Undead (2003)

What do a failed beauty queen, a gun nut, and a random group of lousy actors have in common?

A small town is bombarded by meteorites, which turn the inhabitants into zombies.  One group seeks refuge with a local gun nut/survivalist but is ultimately forced to fight their way out of town.  After battling hordes of the undead, the escape only to find that the town has been encircled by a mysterious force, which aliens are using to capture the remaining survivors.

This film goes out of its way to be clever and inventive and not just the latest bit of zombie schlock – cementing its place as the latest piece of zombie schlock.  Clearly filmed on no budget with horrible dialog and worse acting, the film draws the viewer away from those faults by inundating them with horrible effects.  The one nod it gets is in that it does try to be original with a twist on the usual zombie apocalypse story.  That the “unique” twist itself has been done before can be forgiven as it’s handled interestingly and almost makes you care about what’s going to happen.  Almost.  If you’ve made it this far into the movie, it’s the sort of twist that, while not really enough of a payoff to make it worth it, will make you set down the remote control instead of just hitting the “stop” button.  But, that then gets fouled up with a completely obvious and overdone conclusion, which pretty much undoes the one thing that came close to making the movie watchable.

As bad zombie movies go, this one is about average.  It isn’t bad enough to go down as one of the all-time terrible ones, it isn’t good enough to be considered “good”, and it isn’t outlandish enough to make it truly entertaining.  It ventures into somewhat new territory then completely unravels any interest which it may have managed to bring.  After spending the first two acts basically being DOA, the third act tries to breathe life into and fails, ultimately leaving it…you guessed it…undead.


Stars: 2/5


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