Storage 24

Storage 24 (2012)

The British military and aliens create the most awkward post break-up meeting ever.

Charlie and Shelley both arrive at their shared storage unit, with their friends, to clear out their belongings after a difficult break-up.  Charlie (of course) still wants to prove himself and I think we all know how the rest of this movie is going to play out.  A military plane has gone down in the city and after entering the storage facility, the power goes out – trapping them all inside with the clerk and a repairman.  Once the lights go out, the group start dying horribly and come to realize that they are trapped with a bloodthirsty creature.  They encounter an eccentric old kook who has been living in one of the storage units to hide from his wife, who helps them piece together the news reports of the military plane that went down with a mysterious cargo onboard.  The group bands together to search for weapons and a way out and to fight their way back out to the city.

There’s nothing new here.  This is any of a million other alien movies shot on a shoestring budget.  The creature effects are bad, but actually well shot enough to largely disguise that fact by not dwelling too much on the creature itself.  The acting is second rate, although the crazy old guy is an interesting touch that brings some levity to the effort and works in showing that, while still trying to scare the viewer, the film isn’t taking itself too seriously.  The ending might have once been original and interesting…the first hundred or so times that it was done.

In short, this is simply yet another alien knockoff movie with nothing to set it apart from the dozens of others that you can just leave packed away in storage.


Stars: 2/5


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