About The Site

This is exactly what you think it is: another guy telling you what he thinks about movies.  In my head, there will be news and every so often I even make an attempt at an actual honest-to-goodness movie project of my own (and in my head, some of them are great).  But really, this is going to be reviews for the most part along with a liberal sprinkling of me grumbling about remakes, sequels, bad acting and lens flares.  And product placement.  God…damn…product placement.

So why should you read this blog as opposed to any of the other 587,362 movie blogs out there?  I’m probably not the best person to ask – I’m a bit biased.  That said, I hope to keep it light and entertaining most times, informative others.  I’m a guy who spends an insane amount of time watching movies from blockbusters to indie films to masterpieces to…well…let’s just say “pieces”.  I watch horror, I watch comedy, I watch drama, I watch complete and utter crap.  No matter how your tastes run, I WILL comment on a movie that you’ve seen or have been wondering about.

You may not always agree with what I have to say, but I hope you’ll at least find it well-reasoned and maybe even a little fun to read.  And I hope you’ll let me know why you think I’m wrong.  I’ve spent a lot of years waiting for someone to tell me why I shouldn’t think “Oldboy” is awful.



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